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  • News - Binharkil Najran Exhibit Open or Close

    written on May 23, 2013

    Najran1Bin Harkil participated in the latest event of the Najran Municipality under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mishaal Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, the Governor of Najran Region.
    His Royal Highness grazed Bin Harkil's booth and viewed the crushing & screening plant video presentation. He was very interested with the company's mining method and the environmental protection system used to encapsulate generated dust by the plant.
    His Royal Highness was accompanied by his Excellency the Mayor of Najran Mr. Alshafaq, where he expressed the increasing demand in the Region for high quality construction aggregate, to note that Bin Harkil Crusher produces a capacity of 850 Tons per hour and he stated that the demand will even more increase in the future.
    The Managing Director of Bin Harkil, Mr. Nasser Al Sagour presented the company products to the distinguished visitors and stated that the plant was established as a small investment by Bin Harkil to supports its customer in the Region with high production capacity and high quality aggregates.

  • News - Bin Harkil Jeddah Exhibit Open or Close

    written on March 16, 2013

    Big5bh3Bin Harkil joined in the recent Big 5 Saudi held at the Jeddah Exhibit Centre for Forums and Events. This prestigious exhibition is one of the biggest trade show in the region, attracting more than 500 companies in various field of construction and heavy equipment industry.


  • News - Bin Harkil Granite Factory Update Open or Close

    written on April 25, 2013


    After receiving the final construction permit from Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON), Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. management have commenced procurement of process equipment for its Granite Factory in Najran, Saudi Arabia. The company is now on a fast track to build its Granite Manufacturing Factory. The procurement department has recently concluded installation agreements for process and support equipment supply from short listed manufacturers. Ground breaking and civil works have also commenced (photos above).


    An agreement was signed with Pellegrini Meccanica Spa, an Italian supplier of stone block cutting machines for the supply and installation of a complete Granite Block Dressing and Squaring System. It includes the acquisition of the latest DF Twin Mono wire machines. The agreement between the parties includes long term technical and operational support for the factory. According to the company's Managing Director, the agreement with Pellegrini is paving the way for more cooperation with one of the world's known manufacturer of Granite Process machineries. The purchase was based on quality and local support service availability in Saudi Arabia through its local partner with Arabian Roots. They have demonstrated their local ability to support the product in the future, and Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. looks forward to work with Pellegrini and its local partner.


    Officina Faedo is one of the leading manufacturers of high capacity industrial cranes. As a necessity for Bin Harkil's Granite factory, an agreement for the procurement of various cranes was concluded with Officina FAEDO of Italy. The order was for the supply of 6.3 Ton cranes, Jib Cranes, Top loaders and 10 Ton cranes. Some of the cranes will also be installed for Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. manufacturing facility in Jeddah. Initial delivery of the cranes have arrived and will be completed in the last week of April 2013. Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. have selected FAEDO as supplier of such critical items because of its product reliability and the manufacturer commitment for after sales support service. According to the Engineering Manager of Bin Harkil Co. Ltd., the final selection for FAEDO to supply the cranes for a significant quantity on a single order was issued after a rigorous technical evaluation where all parameters are met by the supplier.
    A meeting was held with Tecnoidea Impianti Srl represented by its Co- owner Mr. Fernando Cassi and Sales Representative Mr. Livio Sica with Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. Managing Director Mr. Nasser Al-Sagour at the head office last April 10, 2013. The meeting paved the way for an agreement for the supply and installation of a 15000 LTR per minute waste water treatment plant for Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. Granite Factory in Najran Saudi Arabia. Mr. Cassi stressed that TECNOIDEA is proud to work with Bin Harkil not only for the Granite processing Plant Waste water treatment but also they are hoping to expand the cooperation of technical and engineering relationship with Bin Harkil Co. Ltd.. TECNOIDEA looks forward to other Industries in the country which requires slurry dewatering systems such as quarries, civil engineering projects and mining, where Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. is known for. TECNOIDEA is proud to be part of Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. as a recognized technical partner. The selection of TECNOIDEA for this important project was based on its well known process and product quality. Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. and TECNOIDEA aims for a mutual benefit by sharing their expertise with each other for a growing environmental protection endeavor to improve the conservation of water and recovery of a valuable resource in Saudi Arabia.

  • News - Najran Aggregate Plant Open or Close

    written on October 13, 2012

    Najran PlantAs part of Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. investment plan, concluded an agreement to fully own Najran Mining Co. Crushing & Screening Plant. The plant has a production capacity of 900 ton per hour, of high quality hard rock aggregate. This acquisition will add strength to the Bin Harkil Company's strong position in the aggregate process business.

    With significant growth in construction material demand in Saudi Arabia Bin Harkil target plans to develop more plant in the country through similar acquisition or green root development.

  • News - Bin Harkil Granite Factory Open or Close

    written on April 25, 2013

    28Short list of machines and technology suppliers for Bin Harkil Granite Processing Plant is completed. Final offers will be evaluated and orders will be issued to the successful bidders in a couple of weeks.

    The plant will be located in Najran Saudi Arabia, dedicated mainly to process Saudi Arabian premium granite such as; Tropic Brown (Najran Brown), Najran Red ( Violetta ), and Ranyah Green.

    These granites are originated from quarries within Najran Region, and in high demand locally and internationally for its high quality.

    Plant location is established and earthmoving started late October, Production target is set to commence during the second quarter of 2013, with a production capacity of 700,000 square meters of cut and polished granite slab per year.

    The plant will mainly process local granite and provide state of the art cutting and polishing services facility, to support local quarry operators to re-establish their business and further enforce the Saudi Arabian Granite brand name in the world market.

  • News - Dinner Fest Open or Close

    written on April 23, 2012

    RooftopTo extend the company's appreciation for its employees and staff, a night of thanksgiving, dinner feast and joyous announcement was held at the roof top of the main building last April 14, 2012.
    The company, headed by its Managing Director Mr. Nasser Al-Sagour, treated its employees a delicious dinner under a canopy of bright stars and an atmosphere of merriment as a gesture of gratitude for a prosperous business year.

  • News - Training and Customer Support Open or Close

    written on March 11, 2012

    Continued training is a key development for Bin Harkil Co. and its staff. With this in mind, last February 12, 2012 and 5 days after at Bin Harkil training room and service shop, class room and practical training session was held by M/S Terex TMP through Mr. Brian Crawford and Mr. Randy Well of Terex Simplicity. Both expert delivered training with full focus on the product selection, preventive maintenance and field service, in multiple levels.

    The training is highly appreciated by Bin Harkil Engineering team and service team which made them better understand the versatility of the product on hand and its best use in the process plant flow sheet.

    A statement from Bin Harkil Engineering Manager, confidently said that after such advance training received by Bin Harkil, we will be able to truly deliver a second to none service to our client in the market place.

    Thanks to Brian and Randy for their dedicated time and transfer of know how to Bin Harkil Engineering and service staff.


  • News - CTW400 B Open or Close

    written on March 5, 2012

    CTW400bLast Thursday, March 1, 2012 Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. has commissioned the second plant for Tadarouj Company. The plant is dedicated to the production of high quality aggregate and rail ballast, for the construction of Saudi Arabian Rails project segment CTW 400, between Al Zabirah Rail and King Khalid Air Port in Riyadh.

    The plant is located in Majamah City, North West of Riyadh Saudi Arabia. It is complimented with Vibrating equipment such as Feeders and crushing screens.

    This is one of the projects executed by Bin Harkil that is fully automated with the most flexible system to meet local requirements and to suit local operation and maintenance conditions.

    Plant Design Capacity: 1500 TPH.
    Gradation: 0-55mm, 0-5mm, 5-12mm,12-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-55mm.

    The plant is designed to achieve the highest quality and capacity, and with the flexibility to change production range in the future.

    Turn Over

    The plant was received by Tadarouj Co. staff and completed its performance test last Saturday March 3, having the highest capacity result. Bin Harkil startup team will remain for a couple of days on the site to provide further training support.
    M/S Tadarouj Company Ltd. had awarded Bin Harkil the contract for the design, supply and construction of two plants to achieve one of the largest demands for aggregates within a short period of time.
    Both crushing and screening plants are designed to achieve 1,500 Tons Per Hour (TPH) of secondary finish product and it's by far the largest and most advanced plants in Saudi Arabia.

    Words of Appreciation

    Bin Harkil is highly thankful for the challenge given to carry such a sensitive project mission.
    Sincere appreciation to goes to our partners in this project, namely Terex TMP, Metso Minerals, Telecontrols, RTL, and Masaba, which have provided excellent support for the supply of plant equipments and control system, to meet the project design.
    Special thanks and gratitude to our long term automation partners M/S Telecontrols from Nilsperet, South Africa for their continued and growing support for the last 12 years.

  • News - Delegation visit to Bin Harkil Granite Open or Close

    Written on April 28, 2014

    MODONDelegation from the Industrial Property Authority visited the factory April 6, 2014. The visit was to oversee the progress at Bin Harkil Granite Factory.

    During the past three years, Bin Harkil commenced a major market study into the stone industry and technology that brought them finally to establish and construct a new processing factory on 60,000 sqm at Najran Industrial City, the factory to date is the largest in the city of its production capacity and area.

    Najran Region is developing and Bin Harkil Co. investment in Najran Granite will take advantage of such development, and service the export market.

    For the evolution of technology, Bin Harkil Granite Factory acquired and equipped the factory with best technology acquired thru the partnership and cooperation of world class manufacturers such as Pellegrini Meccanica, GMM, Cemic, Tecnoidea Impianti, Faedo Officina, and others. All technical partners are well known to the ornamental stone industry worldwide, and are specialized with the latest technology.


  • News- Bin Harkil Safety Training Open or Close

    Bin Harkil company conducted a safety training to its employees in order to continue improving our services to customers and expand our skills. The session focus on fire hazard, the most common serious hazard that one faces in a typical warehouse, office and even house while proper procedure and training can minimize the chances of an accidental fire. We must still be prepared to deal with a fire emergency should it occur. The training teaches us the basics about fire extinguishers proper types, how to use them, when and when not to use them as well as the proper procedures to follow should a fire occur. It includes the fire triangle, fuel classification and fire extinguisher anatomy.



    We are grateful to their efforts and endeavors towards the growth of our company and would like to keep it growing. We encourage our employees to be a part of this training session and benefit from it.

    By: Bin Harkil Safety Department