When Saudi Arabian Rails (SARS) demanded the highest quality aggregate for ballast and rail road sleepers, M/S Barclay Mowlem Co. Ltd. awarded Bin Harkil Co. Ltd. the designing and construction of its crushing and screening plant for CTW 300, North South Rail Project.

Bin Harkil Co. is to replace the existing plant which was unable to meet the required demand of the project for high quality ballast and sleeper aggregate. With the deadline and delivery already late, production capacity and quality become crucial.

Under such demand, Bin Harkil have accepted the challenge and engaged its local resources to carry a fast track engineering design, procurement of equipments, manufacture and construct the largest crushing and screening plant in Saudi Arabia, with a product capacity of 1,300 tons per hour of high quality aggregates. The project was completed and commissioned within 120 days from the commencement date.

Bin Harkil and its automation partners M/S Telecontrols, Terex TMP, and RTL, have delivered a state of the art crushing and screening plant in record time, which was able to finish the production of required aggregate and ballast ahead of project schedule.